The Poplar Street Quiet Zone was initiated by the City in response to the public’s request for action be taken to eliminate the constant blowing of the BNSF horns at the Poplar Street Crossing. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) mandates that trains blow their horns at all street intersections that do not have adequate measures in place to prohibit vehicles from crossing the tracks once the signal lights are operating and the arms lowered. In accordance with FRA Quiet Zone requirements, a 2′ wide raised concrete median will be constructed along the center of Poplar Street for a distance of 100′ north of and south of the BNSF crossing to prohibit vehicles from driving around the lowered signal arms. Additional pavement will be added to widen the road to accommodate the median and to provide 10′ wide lanes on Poplar Street at the completion of this project.
Construction is expected to take 2 weeks and is preliminarily set to begin on Monday May 5, 2014.Poplar Street will be closed during the day throughout construction and could be closed over night when it is necessary to keep vehicles off of freshly poured concrete.
After construction, both the BNSF and FRA will inspect the site improvements to verify that all of the necessary components for a safe “horn free” crossing are acceptably in place. The quiet zone will not be officially recognized and horn blowing eliminated until all affected agencies prepare and process the establishment agreement. This should take approximately 30 days, depending on the workload of each agency at that time. We will send out another notification when the quiet zone is official.