The price of school lunches will increase next year, in part, due to a federal law that requires lunch prices increases in order to secure federal matching funds.
Federal reimbursement schedule requires that a full paid meal must cost $2.65, and schools must institute a 10 cent average annual increase until the cost reaches the federal reimbursement amount.
School board members adopted meal price increases during an April 14 board meeting.
Effective July 1, the cost of school lunches at Gardner-Edgerton elementary schools will be $2.15, a 5 cent increase. Middle school rates will increase by 15 cents, making the cost of a middle school lunch $2.25. High school lunches will cost an additional 10 cents, making a student lunch $2.45 at Gardner Edgerton High School next school year.
Breakfast rates will also increase next year at USD 231. All breakfasts will cost 5 cents more next year. Elementary and middle school students will pay $1.40 for breakfast, and high school students will pay $1.45 for school breakfast.