Danedri Thompson
[email protected]
When Gardner Animal Hospital staff smelled smoke in a building used largely for pet boarding, they evacuated the building of animals and humans, shut off the building’s heating and cooling, and called the fire department.
There wasn’t a fire, and there wasn’t enough smoke to spark the fire detectors, but according to Eileen Mertz, veterinarian and owner of Gardner Animal Hospital, they took all precautions.
“Our fire drill works,” Mertz said. “Staff was awesome, and all animals and people were outside the building in five minutes and 36 seconds.”
Firefighters arrived to inspect the building and look for fire at the animal hospital on April 24. They didn’t find fire. However, Mertz said the smoke was caused by the furnace.¬† She has been in contact with a furnace repair company, and they are scheduled to come out to the vet clinic later this week.