Perkins Restaurant will host a flag raising ceremony Friday, April 25.
Matt Rahfaldt, vice president of operations, said the ceremony will be short. Members of the American Legion will help hoist the large flag to a perch atop a 70-foot-flag pole.
“It’s a two-or-three minute thing,” he said. “Community members are welcome to come see it.”

Perkins restaurants first began flying large flags during the Vietnam War.

The restaurant chain has large flags at most of its restaurants, though other cities have requested slight variances. For example, a Des Moines restaurant requires a short flag pole because of its proximity to an airfield.
Typically, Rahfaldt said, the restaurant hosts a flag ceremony when it opens. However, the Gardner Perkins Restaurant awaited a variance request for the large flag and high flag pole.
Members of the Gardner Board of Zoning Appeals agreed to allow the variance last month.
The flag ceremony will be at 8:30 a.m. on April 25 at Perkins, 2000 E. Santa Fe in Gardner.