Juanita Rothaus
Club reporter
The GFWC Athena Club met March 19 at the Johnson County Library with hostesses Laura McCarthy and Flo Biehl. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Peggy Deaton due to Mary Pritchard’s absence. The Pledge of Allegiance and Collect were given. Kathy Baker gave the devotion entitled “Spring Cleaning….in My Head.”  Our roll call was answered by thirteen members and two guests. Deaton introduced her guest: Mary Lyerla. Kathy Baker introduced guest Ruth Burd. Members and guests were to share an interesting fact about the the Church of the Transfiguration of our Savior in Russia.
Some of the interesting facts shared were:
• There are approximately 250 churches with this name in Russia.
• There is a church located on Kizhi island that has 22 onion shaped domes.
• St. Basil’s Cathedral built during the reign of Ivan the Terrible is also known as “The Protection of the Mother of God”, and located in the Red Square in Moscow.
• Legend has it that after its completion the architects were blinded so that they could never again design a building so beautiful.
• Transfiguration Cathedral (Preobrazhenskiy Sobor) was ordered to be built by Peter the Greats’ daughter Elizabeth in gratitude to soldiers who helped her take the throne.
The Club Woman magazine was reviewed by Fern Coffin high lighting GFWC partners Operation Smile and Shot at Life an U.N. immunization program giving children the shot for TRO-VIRUS.
The GFWC Kansas Second District Art Festival was discussed. Art Chairwoman, Linda Loyd was unsure of the date at the time of meeting. At press time, this had been held on March 22 at Gardner Edgerton High School with three schools participating from Second District.   We have also been asked to help work at the upcoming East Kansas League Art Fair in April. Club ladies that volunteered were Norma Voigts, Laura McCarthy, Linda Loyd, Kathy Baker, and Roberta Gay. This event will be held on April 21, and we would like to encourage anyone interested to view the great job the students can do from the arts department of GEHS.
Flo Biehl gave a program on women’s health using medical school journals and multiple other sources to select news articles from them. She had each member or guest attending the meeting to choose an article, read it over, and then shared what they had learned and read. Members learned to recognize a “reputable source” article as one that would originate from a college of medicine or a hospital. Remember that a nutritionist or even a doctor is not always reputable.
New business consisted of the acceptance of Ruth Burd as a previous GFWC member of the 21st Century Study club of Norton, Kan., transferring her 35 year membership to the GFWC Athena Club. Peggy Deaton nominated Mary Lyera to be a club member and it was co-signed by Norma Voigts.  The ballots were handed out, vote taken, and it was unanimous to accept Mary as a new member.
In other new business, Minnie Ashmore moved the GFWC Athena club donate $50 to the annual membership for the Gardner Historical Museum. Also discussed was the Kind News fees for the two schools that we sponsor to receive the magazine through the General Federation of Women’s Club.
The GFWC Athena Club of Gardner is one of the oldest, active, volunteer clubs in Johnson County and they would like to invite anyone to come be their guest and consider membership to the Athena Club. The Athena Club support Veterans, Safe Home, Christmas for Children, Food Pantry, Heifer International and much more.
Please contact Juanita Rothaus at
[email protected] or call (913)980-4104 if you would like to attend a meeting.