Jessica Gunkel
Special to The Gardner News
Every participating 4-H club member is eager to tell others of their enjoyment and experience of 4-H. But sometimes it’s hard for people to understand how 4-H clubs operate. Johnson county 4-H has started a program to help and to allow non-4-H club members to join a special interest club (SPIN club) and ‘try out’ 4-H without the commitment. Spin Clubs offer classes to children ages 8-18 (as of January 1) to learn a special interest with other children and are short term, usually 6 club meetings to learn the skill.
So far, Johnson County 4-H has offered a Reading Club Spin group.  They met at the Antioch branch of Johnson County library on the first Sunday of the month.  They discussed previously decided books at the meetings.  Led by Great Plains club member, Anna Jones, the reading club was a great success.  Books discussed were; Frindle, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, and The Mysterious Benedict Society.  This Spin club was a great success in involving area children in literature.
The BB Shooting club offered a SPIN club and it took place over the course of 7 different meetings. The 30 participating children met at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Gardner.  They learned about gun safety, match style shooting, positions, and the rules and requirements for competition. The leader felt this spin club was very successful and plans on doing it again next year.
The Archery Spin club opened enrollment and filled quickly. This Archery Spin club had their first meeting on April 6, and will meet for 6 classes.  This class was taught by a certified 4-H Shooting Sports Archery instructor. They learned about safety the first day, which is required in order to participate in this club. The $30.00 cost included the use of bows, arrows, targets, arm guards, and finger protection.  This Spin club focused on beginning archery skills.
These SPIN clubs have been a success in serving the community and will take place again next year. For more information about the 4-H SPIN clubs, and what will be offered next, please contact the Johnson County 4-H website or contact Tara Markley at [email protected]
Jessica Gunkle is a reporter for  the  JOCO County council and the Great Plains 4-H Club