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Special to The Gardner News
March 3, 2014 – Charlie Troutner is a born and raised Edgerton native who is now the President of the Edgerton Historical Society, which opened their museum in 2013. When talking about the museum, it’s always obvious how proud Charlie is to be involved with it. The museum sits right next to City Hall. It contains many items that remind Charlie of his childhood days.
He says he’ll never forget the times Hollywood came to town to shoot scenes for major motion pictures. In March of 1967 Charlie was six years old, and with his father, watched scenes from the famous movie “In Cold Blood” shot at Ray Braun’s filling station. The museum displays a copy of the book that has autographs of members of the cast inside the front cover.
The other movie featuring scenes shot in Edgerton was the 1988 film “Kansas”, starring Matt Dillon and Andrew McCarthy.
Charlie and his brother were scouts as kids. He explained how, 43 years ago, his mother and some other scout leaders created a fundraising event to raise money for the local scout troop. That fundraiser morphed into the annual celebration that everyone in town now knows as “Frontier Days”.
Charlie says he loves living in a small town because you know almost everybody and people always are willing to pitch in and help each other out. We salute Charlie because he’s one of those people!