Donna Bratton

Donna Bratton Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz,

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Special to The Gardner News
March 3, 2014 – Donna Bratton has lived in Edgerton for 70 years. She sat down with me last week to share her memories of life in a small Kansas town. She recalls the days when people were more likely to walk downtown to the store or post office, rather than than jump in a car and drive as we all do today. When you needed to go to Kansas City, there was a depot in town and most people would make that trip by train. Donna described the old hardware store in Edgerton, which she liked to go to as a child because the owners had a parrot named Polly that went to work with them every day. She remembers landmark occasions, such as when the city first established public water and sewer systems, as well as the first fire department.
Donna’s maiden name is Brassfield. Her parents ran the Brassfield Sundries store for many years. She attended the Edgerton schools and graduated in 1956 in a senior class of six students.
Most people in town know Donna well, not just because she’s been there so long, but also because she was a school teacher. She said she never applied for the job. The principal came to her one day and asked her if she’d like to be a teacher. She said yes, and then taught for 31 years.
Donna regularly sees her former students around town today, including Edgerton Mayor Don Roberts, City Council Member Cindy Crooks, and Charlie Troutner , president of the Edgerton Historical Society.
Donna has contributed much to her town and deserves recognition as a Hometown Hero!