Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
Public comments regarding snow removal and the approval of a city prosecutor appointment were the highlights of the Edgerton City Council meeting on March 13.
Five Edgerton residents each spoke briefly about their concerns regarding a city ordinance that requires residents to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their property. Also, the city’s procedures for snow plow operations were called into question.
The snow removal issue came about after the most recent snow event two weeks ago. City of Edgerton employees placed door hangers at residences where the sidewalks were not cleared. The door hangers were for informational purposes only, and the city was not enforcing the ordinance which would assess a fine to residents who failed to clear their sidewalks.
The comments expressed at the city council meeting basically dealt with two points. Residents spoke about the 12 hours after a snow event to get the sidewalks cleared, and the snow piles left behind by city snow plows.
The governing body listened to comments but took no action regarding snow removal. The city council will hold a special work session that is open to the public at 7 p.m., March 20, at Edgerton City Hall. This work session will deal solely with the snow removal issue.
Mayor Donald Roberts strongly urged the public to attend, and pointed out that all comments and opinions from the public will be heard. Again, no action will be taken by the governing body at the work session.
In other business, the city council approved the mayor’s appointment of Gerald W. Merrill, to complete the term of city prosecutor. The governing body approved the mayor’s appointment. Merrill will be completing the term of this office, formerly held by Jacquelyn Rokusek, who recently resigned from the position.
The council also approved donating $200 to a local Girl Scout troop for its annual Easter egg hunt, which will be held April 12 at Martin Creek Park.
The next regularly scheduled city council meeting will be at 7 p.m., March 27 at Edgerton City Hall.