The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting several days of increased enforcement of seat belt laws, with special attention given to teen drivers and passengers.
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office joins law enforcement agencies in a statewide campaign to enforce seat belt use among Kansas teens.  Through March 7 the sheriff’s office will have extra patrols around schools in an effort to educate teens on the proper use of seat belts.  The sheriff’s office will be targeting schools in De Soto and Spring Hill during this enforcement.
In 2013, 31 teens lost their lives and 240 were seriously injured due to car crashes in Kansas.  The striking statistic is that 74 percent were not properly restrained.  The Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office has documented a steady decline of unbelted fatalities since 2007 as more drivers buckle up.  This trend can continue as more teens become educated on the proper use of seat belts.
Kansas law enables law enforcement officers to stop and ticket the driver or passenger of any vehicle that is observed not properly wearing a seat belt.  Additionally, anyone who is at least 14 years of age but less than 18 years of age must wear a seat belt regardless of where they are positioned in the vehicle.
“Proper seat belt use saves lives,” said Sheriff Frank Denning.  “We encourage everyone to buckle up.”