Danedri Thompson
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City council members re-appointed two members to the planning commission and two members to the airport board during a brief meeting on March 3.
Three of the four appointments sailed through with no comments, however council member Larry Fotovich asked questions about planning commissioner Karin Livella’s attendance at planning commission meetings.
City administrator Cheryl Harrison-Lee told council members that Livella had attended 64 percent of planning commission meetings in her four years as a planning commissioner. The planning commission typically meets one time each month.
Before her appointment to the city council, Tory Roberts served on the planning commission with Livella. Roberts said she had concerns about Livella’s attendance at one time.
However, Roberts said, since the council changed rules related to board attendance last year, Livella has had perfect attendance. Under council’s new guidelines for appointed boards, members must attend at least 66 percent of meetings. Livella’s absences were excused, council member Kristina Harrison noted.
Roberts said the majority of planning commissioners serving right now are inexperienced. Livella is the only member with more than a year of membership on the commission.
“I’m going with experience versus previous attendance issues,” Roberts said.
The council unanimously approved Livella’s appointment to the commission. They also unanimously re-appointed Brett Limer to the planning commission, reappointed Dale Rose to the Gardner Airport Board, and appointed Joseph Scalet to the airport board.
Council member Heath Freeman said council members should consider attendance when making appointments to boards in the future.
In other business, council members:
• approved two items related to creating a benefit district for the new elementary and middle school campus. The school district and the city will divide costs for Grand Street improvements near Grand Star Elementary School and the middle school under construction.
• adopted a disclosure statement to be used in connection with the sale of city bonds.
• recognized Gardner Parks and Recreation staff for earning the 2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCHIP Award.