Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
Council members approved two items dealing with land for a cargo container storage facility at 191st and Homestead Lane near the Intermodal facility.
The city council also approved a contract with BG Consultants, Inc. for survey services associated with  Big Bull Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility.
City Administrator Beth Linn announced the details of a Parks and Recreation Spring Activity guide put together by the new Parks and Recreation coordinator.
Mayor Donald Roberts brought up the subject of snow removal in the city. The city council had discussed this issue at the last council meeting on Feb. 13.
After some discussion, the governing body decided to address the city’s ordinance for snow removal in depth at a work session on March 20.
The work session will be at 7 p.m., and is open to the public.
For now, the city will not strictly enforce the city’s ordinance requiring residents to clear the snow from the sidewalks adjoining their property within twelve hours after the completion of a snow event.
The city council had previously decided to enforce the ordinance at the Feb. 13 meeting, but at the most recent meeting decided not to enforce it.
For educational purposes door hangers will be placed on the doors of residents who did not clear their sidewalks, but no penalty will be assessed.
However the city will continue to enforce the ordinance requiring residents to remove their vehicles from city streets when a snow event occurs. This will enable city maintenance crews to be able to plow the streets.
The next regularly scheduled city council meeting will be at 7 p.m., March 13 at city hall.