Local weather forecasts for the Edgerton area show possible snow and/or ice storm beginning this weekend. Because of this possible winter weather event, the Edgerton City Council is reminding residents of the winter weather ordinances requiring property owners to remove vehicles parked on the street during a significant snow event and to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk within 12 hours from the time when snow fall or the ice storm ceases. Accumulation overnight should be removed within 12 hours after sunrise of the following day.
Vehicles parked in the street make it difficult and unsafe for a snow plow to pass down the street. This can also make it difficult for emergency vehicles or your neighbors to maneuver safely. Cars left on the street after two inches of accumulation are in violation of city ordinance. Owners of vehicles in violation may be notified by City Hall and requested to move the vehicle. Vehicles that remain in violation may be towed at the owner’s expense.
Clearing of the sidewalks is critical to insure a safe passageway for residents to their destinations, such as children walking to school or a bus stop. The City Codes Department will proactively begin inspection of sidewalks for snow removal 12 hours from the time that the snow fall or ice storm ceases. Residents who fail to clear the sidewalk will be notified by City Hall via a door hanger or other notification to clear the sidewalk within 24 hours.