The journey continues as club members visit the Man Made Wonders of the World at the monthly GFWC Athena club on Jan. 15, 2014.  The Pledge of Allegiance, and Collect were recited by members after the meeting was called to order by Mary Pritchard, President. Hostesses for the day were Linda Loyd and Kathy Baker. The roll call was answered by thirteen members and one guest, Margaret Ohmes.  Members were to share an interesting fact about the Taj Mahal located in the Northern Region of India.
Some of the interesting facts shared about the Taj Mahal were:
• It is a mausoleum for the third wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan
• Her name was Mumtaz Mahal and she died giving birth to their 14th child
• Mumtaz Mahal means “The Chosen One of the Palace” or “Jewel of the Palace.”
• The Taj Mahal is a complex including a reflecting pool, large garden, mosque, and other mausoleums
• Construction took 22 years with 22,000 people and 1,000 elephants. It  was completed in 1653
• The Taj Mahal looks pink in the early morning light, white in the daytime, and changes to golden in the moonlight. Indians consider it to be the symbol of true love, and the changing color represents the ever changing love between a man and a woman.
Ruth Hermon, Club Parliamentarian gave a program over Parliamentary Procedure. Our focus was the correct way to make and amend motions. In doing so, members are to address the President as “Madame President”, when we wish to be recognized to have the floor. Then we should say: “I move to” not “I make a motion” An amendment is to be voted on first, and then go back to the original motion on the floor. We also learned that the President is to use the gavel at the beginning of a meeting and to dismiss the Club at the end of a meeting only. Club members were engaged in the role play meeting and much information was learned by all.
Our regular meeting resumed following the role play with Committee reports. Flo Biehl, Women’s Health Chair shared information from the University of California Wellness Letter about Type II Diabetes, and that it is not too late to get flu shots. Juanita Rothaus, Music Chair reported that the February program will be at Arlene Thompson’s home and that both music and art students have been contacted to attend to give the program. There was discussion for an alternative place to meeting should Arlene not feel up to having the Club in her home. Roberta Gay volunteered and has a piano too.
The GFWC Athena Club held the election of new officers and those elected were: Mary Pritchard, President; Kathy Baker, Vice President; Linda Loyd, Club Secretary and Cheryl Wheeler, Treasurer.
Rothaus moved that those club members interested meet from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Feb.4, 2014 to make Valentine’s cards for Vintage Park of Gardner. It was suggested that those coming bring a sack lunch.
Penny Pigg was passed around to collect funds to buy a pig thru the International Program.  The club’s goal is at least one pig which will cost $120 dollars thru the GFWC program.
Lastly, GFWC Volunteer hours were recorded for our report to the State. We volunteer in many community areas individually. Members assist with tutoring, helping with the Food Pantry, the Senior Luncheon, Veteran’s, etc.
Members were reminded that we will meet at Arlene Thompson’s on the third Wednesday of February, and to bring dish for our Silent Auction. It can be a casserole, salad, veggie, or dessert dish that will feed at least four people. We hope to auction these dishes off as a Fundraiser for our Scholarship project. We invite you to come visit us if you are interested in learning more about the General Federation of Women Clubs and the Athena Club our local Chapter.
For more information about the Athena Club contact Juanita Rothaus at or call (913)980-4104.