Gov. Sam Brownback announced his intention to support a State Board of Education proposal to fund all-day kindergarten in Kansas.
“This is a strategic investment in helping our children be better prepared for success in school,” Brownback said.  “Numerous studies show that all-day kindergarten results in students who are more involved, productive and ready to read at appropriate grade levels.”
This will be an additional investment of $16 million to support education in Kansas.  The program will help Kansas children improve reading skills at the fourth grade level.  Recent meetings between the Governor, his staff and the education community resulted in the decision to move forward with the Board of Education’s proposal.
Diane DeBacker, Education Commissioner said the increased funding to Kansas schools will give much-needed relief to those districts already funding all-day kindergarten.
Several school districts throughout the state, including Gardner-Edgerton and Spring Hill, offer all-day kindergarten. In some districts, costs are paid by fees charged to parents. This initiative will pay districts with all-day kindergarten for the work they are already doing and allow other districts to reduce fees to parents.