The city of Spring Hill has formally approved the continuation and expansion of its existing Residential Economic Development Stimulus Program, which has existed since 2011. The ability to save on building permits and defer payments for development fees has been appreciated and well used by area contractors.
Further stimulation of the building industry in Spring Hill will benefit by the following additions:
1. Deferred payment of development fees is now applicable to new multi-family construction as well as new single family,
2. Building permits for new single family construction are eligible for a 50 percent reduction dependent on previous sediment and erosion control violations,
3. Basic permit fee for new multi-family construction will be discounted by 50 percent, and
4. Spring Hill water district customers will receive a $1,000 reduction in the water development fee.
“We have processed 71 single family home building permits for 2013 so far; nearly double the amount of 2012,” said Jim Hendershot, Community Development Director for the city of Spring Hill.  “With respect to the stimulus program, the intent of these additional incentives is to further increase interest in investing in Spring Hill’s growth and development, and assist in the Governing Body’s goal to secure a major multi-family building project.”
The $1,000 reduction of water system development fees is designed to encourage new construction in the area and increase the district’s revenue.  Additionally, contractors will be motivated for self-compliance with sediment and erosion control regulations.