In a surprise ceremony, Spring Hill High School teacher Matt Lewis was honored with the December Educating Excellence award from the University of Kansas (KU) School of Engineering and Perceptive Software. The award recognizes outstanding high school educators who teach science, technology, engineering and math in Kansas and the Kansas City area.
Charles Neiss, Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program Senior Coordinator from KU School of Engineering, detailed the impact that Lewis has had on his students and the contributions made to Spring Hill High School (SHHS), as students from all of Lewis’ classes filled the auditorium. Lewis has taught as SHHS for five years and has eight total years of experience. The courses that he teaches include physics, robotics and chemistry.
Lewis was nominated by a parent and student for the award.
“Mr. Lewis spent many hours learning the new robotics course work, preparing lesson plans, and becoming familiar with the actual robotics units,” the nomination submission reads. “He has encouraged students of all abilities to participate in this new offering, not just those interested in the math and science courses. In addition, he supports his students outside the classroom by attending many school functions, including sporting events, musicals and plays. This type of support cannot be measured, but it is recognized and appreciated by both students and parents.”
As part of the award from KU and Perceptive Software, Lewis received a printer and $1,500 for his efforts in the classroom.