Juanita  Rothaus
Club reporter
The GFWC Athena club met at the Johnson County Gardner library at 1 p.m. on Wed, Nov.20, 2013. Meeting was called to order by President Mary Pritchard.
There were nine members present; sadly many were ill and could not attend. Roll call was interesting facts about Mount Rushmore of South Dakota.  Members learned that the Presidents heads are 60 feet high or six stories high, and their mouths are about 18 feet wide.
The four Presidents carved into Mount Rushmore are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.  Washington represents the struggle for independence; Jefferson represents the idea of government by the people, Lincoln for his ideas on equality and the permanent union of the States, and Roosevelt for the role of the United States in World affairs.
Another interesting fact about Mount Rushmore is that it was featured in the movie North by Northwest starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayrene Norris and Juanita Rothaus led in the recitation of the GFWC Collect.  Members in attendance shared in a drama featuring stories of their Thanksgiving cooking experiences that did not turn out so well. Everyone had a hearty laugh over some of those stories.
Several of the members that attended the Second District Convention in October shared about happenings there. Committee chairs shared various reports.
Penny Pigg (the club piggy bank) was passed to collect funds to purchase a pig thru the International Program.  The goal is to collect enough money for at least one pig which will cost $120 dollars thru the GFWC program. Members also collected money to help with the Christmas for Children programs in the Gardner and Edgerton communities.
There were several cards sent around for those present to sign to send to those who were unable to attend our meeting.
GFWC members volunteer in many community areas individually. Members assist with tutoring, helping with the food pantry, the senior luncheon and many other areas. Those volunteer hours were recorded for the clubs report to the state.
Members were reminded that we are in need new club members, and everyone was encouraged to try to bring a guest to our Christmas luncheon in December. GFWC members will meet at theFirst Baptist Church on Dec. 18, 2013 for the luncheon. Persons interested in learning more about the General Federation of Women Clubs and the Athena Club our local Chapter are invited to the luncheon.
Please contact Juanita Rothaus for more information at JROTHAUS@kc.rr.com or call  (913)980-4104.