Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
Two main items of discussion were on the agenda at a special session of the Edgerton City Council on Dec. 3.
Construction of a water tower near the BNSF Intermodal facility and Logistics Park Kansas City, and the consideration of city employees being allowed to carry firearms under the “conceal and carry” law were the highlight of the meeting.
The city would like to construct a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank to support fire suppression for warehouse and distribution facilities at Logistics Park Kansas City(LPKC). This water tower is part of the infrastructure plan for LPKC.
The city is proposing a three-party agreement between the City of Edgerton, the Edgerton Land Holding Company, and Rural Water District No. 7, the entity that is responsible for the water supply to that area.
The Public Infrastructure Financing Plan includes $1.44 million in funding for the water tower, although the figure allowed is actually closer to $2 million.
Because of the height of the proposed water tower, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also has voiced its concerns and requirements concerning the construction of the water tower.
After discussion, the city council approved a resolution allowing a development agreement for the construction of the water tower and a development agreement for Logistics Park Kansas City infrastructure.
The second main topic of discussion at this special session concerned the governing body amending the city’s personnel rules and regulations regarding workplace safety. In this particular instance, the issue is whether or not to allow city employees licensed to carry “conceal and carry” handguns to do so on city property.
After a lengthy discussion, no action was taken on this issue. The governing body will address this issue again and will make a decision at the next regularly scheduled council meeting at 7 pm, Dec. 12, at Edgerton City Hall.
In other business, City Administrator Beth Linn announced that the city staff conducted interviews a few days ago with four candidates for the newly-created Parks and Recreation Director position.
Linn hopes to make an announcement regarding the hiring for this position in the very near future. She also expects the person hired to begin their official duties shortly after Jan. 1, 2014.