OLATHE, Kan. — The Kansas Forest Service is taking orders for low-cost tree and shrub seedlings offered through their conservation tree planting program. Starting Dec. 2, orders will be taken through May 5. Landowners are encouraged to place their orders as early as possible to ensure they get the plants they want. The price is $20 per bundle for 25 of a single variety. Special bundles packaged to attract songbirds, quail, pheasant and wildlife are also available.
Approved uses for the plants include: habitat creation for game birds, song birds and wildlife; barriers to reduce noise pollution; home and/or livestock windbreaks; living snow fences; Christmas tree plantations; firewood lots; ugly view screens; and property line marking.
The program offers one- to two-year-old species which are selected for hardiness in the central high plains. The seedlings are mostly 12- to 18-inch tall container-grown stock, depending on the species. Trees should be monitored and watered throughout the year to insure survival. Protective tubes are available for purchase to protect new plantings from rabbits.
Order forms and more information are available at any K-State Research and Extension county or district office. In Johnson County, forms can be downloaded at www.johnson.ksu.edu, or by contacting Rick Miller, county Agriculture agent, at (913)715-7000.