Bernice Holden
Surprise, Surprise! At 83 years of age, I couldn’t believe anything like this would ever happen to me.
I was ready to end a day of surprises, however. It started out with what I considered on Nov. 14 to be early mailing of a Christmas package to my grandson’s family overseas, standard rates. Per mailing guidelines, I was already two days late. That didn’t upset me. My grandson had told me in years past that Germany expedites delivery of insured mail.
I had a few hours left prior to a dental appointment in Gardner. So, I went on to do some other errands plus Christmas shopping.
In the course of my dental exam, I told the dental assistant that something had been bothering me. It turned out that I needed a couple of fillings, so I set up that appointment for the coming week.
Next, I went to Walmart in Gardner to get a couple of gift cards and a few items I needed – like a toothpaste that covers problem areas and neglected brushing of teeth.
My billfold was getting lighter, so, to end the day, I decided to finish using a Subway gift card that had been part of a birthday gift to me from my daughter and son-in-law.
After that, I would get gas for the car at the Phillips 66 station across the street from Subway and stop to buy a Butterball turkey at Gardner Price Chopper before returning home to Edgerton.
As I drove in to the Subway parking lot, a woman and boy were ready to cross to the entrance. Once inside, they were ahead of me with a good-sized takeout order that really looked appetizing.
I pondered what I would buy when it was my turn to order. Fully expecting that I would have to add cash to my gift card balance for a Tuscan chicken sub, I ordered one. I went through the fun procedure of choosing bread and toppings. I asked that it be cut in half, so I could eat there and take some home.
When it was time to pay, to my great surprise, I was told that the person ahead of me had paid for my order. All I could think to say was, “How wonderful!”
Before I left, I asked the cashier to express my appreciation to the woman if she saw here again.