Members from the Gardner Rotary Club attended the District Foundation Banquet at the Overland Park Convention Center on Saturday, November 9th.  Highlights of the evening were Governor Gary Duggan’s speech about his Mother’s influence in his life as he presented her with a Paul Harris Fellow recognition. He barely got through the speech and you could see teary eyes in the audience.
Next, Thanks to the encouragement of a great Rotarian and friend, Geri Apple; Gary grew a goatee as a Polio Fundraiser from last April until Nov.  9.  During the last several months any one donating $5 or more were given a change to shave off his goatee at the District Foundation Banquet.  The winners were from the Topeka South Rotary Club. They enjoyed cutting off the goatee in front of a lively audience.  The best part of all this (besides being a lot of fun) was with all the matching donations, over $85,000 was raised from just one goatee.  The funds raised will fight Polio anywhere in the world.
Last but not least, the keynote speaker was The Past Rotary International & the Rotary Foundation General Secretary Ed Futa. Ed was an outstanding presenter that captivated the audience with his humor and stories of what the Rotary Foundation accomplishes all over the world.
The evening ended with everyone in attendance feeling proud to be a Rotarian.