Everyone enjoys a nice smile.  It displays happiness, warmth, and acceptance. But what’s really behind that smile? Fear? Anger? Insecurity? Hatred?  Spring Hill High School’s current musical production, Smile, illustrates how we all wear masks sometimes and how we can hurt each other when the true self comes out.
The students are hard at work on their production of this insightful and modern musical by the brilliant Marvin Hamlisch and Howard Ashman.  The story revolves around a regional beauty pageant for high school seniors.  Nowhere is the importance of image and the realities of competition, pride, and insecurities more present than in a beauty pageant.  Come see 35 of the most talented students entertain you with their acting, singing and dancing, with another 30 students supporting their efforts in the crew.
Make plans now for this great event and make sure to bring plenty of friends and family.  These students deserve to perform for a full house all three nights.  Performances are scheduled beginning at 7 p.m.,  Nov. 14, 15 and 16.
Tickets are general admission and cost $7.  Tickets may be reserved in advance by emailing buffumb@usd230.org or by calling (913)592-7367.