The Spring Hill Board of Education is focusing on the district’s long-term leadership plan in order to ensure that the district remains strong and continues to build on its successes. With Superintendent Bart Goering’s retirement slated for 2015, the first step in selecting a new superintendent is gathering community and staff input regarding the characteristics and qualities that a leader should possess.
“Selecting a new superintendent is the single most important decision the board will make,” said Nels G. Anderson, P.E., Spring Hill Board of Education president. “The goal is continued successes by our students and staff members through a strong partnership between the board and new superintendent.”
The Spring Hill Board of Education is partnering with the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB), a service organization devoted to supporting school boards, to select a new superintendent. KASB will be facilitating meetings in early November with parent, patron, and staff groups to gather suggestions and recommendations about the desirable traits in a new leader. These groups include area elected officials, business leaders, parent organization leadership, site council chairpersons, pastors, and more.  After the suggestions are gathered, KASB will work with board members to develop a final list of key characteristics and qualities to look for in a new superintendent, which will help guide the selection process.
The board’s goal is to have a new superintendent identified by the beginning of the 2014-15 school year to allow time for a smooth transition between school leaders.