Tara Truitt, Spring Hill, is embarking on an 11-month journey to 11 countries called the “World Race.”
While living out of a backpack, Racers, typically ages 21-35, experience a variety of adventures like visiting ancient ruins, or hiking up volcanoes. They trade in marketplaces, teach English and practical skills, befriend people caught in modern-day slavery, partner with local ministries, and strengthen local church bodies around the world.
Truitt has already experienced learning in three diverse cultures including Guatemala, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates. She has been noted for her outstanding commitment to service since high school, during which time she was honored in front of the Kansas State House of Representatives for exemplary community service. In May of 2012, she was awarded the inaugural Civic Impact Award by the Center for Service Learning at the University of Kansas, recognizing her dedication to engaged scholarship.
Continuing on the path of service, Truitt is eager to join her team in January 2014 beginning in South Africa. The team, known as “B Squad”, will travel to communities for 11 months spanning across Africa, Asia, and Europe. She knows that spending nearly a year in committed service is an opportunity to take advantage of during this twenty-something time of life. One goal is to expand her exposure to the service needs around the globe and return with an understanding of which service to direct her passion toward.
What began as a dream for Adventures in Mission founder, Seth Barnes, has morphed into a global movement, sending over 100,000 volunteers around the world. Annually, Adventures in Missions sends over 6,000 adults, students, and families on mission trips to more than 70 locations on several continents, with their trips ranging from a few days to a few years.
What makes Adventures different from other nonprofit organizations is the way in which its staff invites participants to purposely choose things that are eternal over temporary. Instead of striving for the American Dream, they challenge people to reach for God’s dream – for themselves, their families and their community, Barnes said, and others agree.
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