Danedri Thompson
Conservatives are ceding the middle ground to liberal talking points every day. It’s not that we aren’t principled – it’s that conservatives, by nature, seek not to offend. By doing so, we’re losing a very important battle – that for the hearts and minds of the American people.
Nowhere is it more obvious than on Facebook where my more liberal peers shout from the rooftop about every perceived injustice and conservative slight.
I have many more conservative than liberal friends. Many of whom I see regularly at actual in-person events like the annual Kansas GOP Convention. They’re strangely silent when this very important cause wins a victory.
During the government shutdown, for example, my liberal friends went off the reservation decrying conservatives for not supporting the increasingly unpopular ObamaCare.
It’s the law of the land, they screamed via Facebook meme. Just get over it.
Nevermind that slavery was once the law of the land, too. And actually, so is the debt ceiling. That’s a law as well, but woe to the Congressional person who isn’t negotiating right now to raise the limit, or change that law.
Meanwhile, the message that conservatives are bad – that Sen. Ted Cruz is and extremist of the devil incarnate – is likely the only message people on the fence are hearing.
The radio silence from conservatives, who should be screaming everyday from the rooftops about the Obama Adminstration’s spiteful attempts to make the American people “feel the pain” of the shutdown, is almost deafening. President StompyFoot and friends in the Spite House are denying military death benefits to the families of fallen shoulders during the shutdown, but Big Bird and his friends on public television received their $445 million in the middle of the federal shutdown.
The virtual silence of conservatives damages our cause, because it makes other people less likely to join us in this important fight to limit the ever-expanding and vicious power of the federal government.
That’s a problem
I’m guilty of it, too. I don’t want to offend my friends. I don’t want to start a debate, but I’m beginning to realize the silence of one side only helps to further the idea that the principles I hold dear are somehow wrong, or something that must be whispered about in the dark corners of the underworld or not spoken of in polite company.
The silence is wrong, and I’m not going to do it anymore.