Katy Hoffman and Alfie Thompson, both of Gardner, recently returned from Topeka where they participated in the 30th annual Kansas Silver Haired Legislature. The two served as Johnson County delegates to the organization. Established by the Kansas Legislature 31 years ago, the group provides an educational experience in the political process as well as providing opportunities to identify priority concerns of Kansas seniors. the Silver Haired Legislature is comprised of Kansas citizens aged 60 or older.
“The activities of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature have evolved into an important senior advocacy force in Kansas,” Speaker of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature, Don Woodard, said.
Delegates considered recommendations to the Kansas Legislature, including exemptions for hunting and fishing licensing fees for those 65 and older, eliminating payday loans, and legalizing medical marijuana.
“We strive to speak for Kansas seniors of all needs and purposes,” Woodard said.
The Silver Haired Legislature is a unicameral legislature composed of 125 delegates. All members are at least 60 years old and are elected from their county of residence.