Request for Proposals for
Information Technology Services
The City of Edgerton is hereby soliciting proposals from interested firms to provide information technology services. The selected firm would provide support services for all of the City’s information technology systems.
Interested firms should be prepared and qualified to meet the following essential duties and responsibilities:
• Maintain and update network of approximately ten computers; two servers; associated software, etc. at three locations;
• Maintain and update integrated phone system at three locations;
• Provide after-hours on-call service for problems or technical difficulties with computer, internet, phone or other technology systems;
• Provide support and technical assistance with website and other internet applications;
• Backing up servers and other necessary components and provide for offsite storage;
• Assist in the development of a technology replacement schedule;
• Inventory existing equipment, analyze productivity, and provide recommendations for replacement;
• Acquire and install IT systems including computer hardware, software and phones;
• Demonstrate the ability to successfully restore data from the backup on a quarterly or semi-annual basis;
• Provide guidance and advice to city staff on information technology best practices; and
• Assist the City in the procurement of other related services as needed.
The Consultant should have a history of providing similar services to small to medium businesses. Previous experience with local governments a plus.
Any IT service firm providing any hosted service such as application or backup service in the cloud must possess a SOC 1 compliance report.
Proposals shall be no more than eight (8) pages and should include:
• Experience and technical competence of the individual(s) and/or firm with respect to the above-mentioned essential duties and responsibilities;
• Identification of key personnel providing services;
• References from current and previous clients or related work with the individual/firm within the last five (5) years;
• Proximity to and familiarity with the City of Edgerton;
• Ability to respond to after-hours calls for service;
• Ability to meet any time schedules proposed for the completion of a project;
• Ability to successfully restore data from the backup on a quarterly or semi-annual basis;
• Proposed fee schedule for services; and
• Any other pertinent or relevant information.
Proposals will be evaluated based upon background, education, experience and cost. The City has the right to accept or reject any or all proposals at its discretion.
The term of the agreement would be for one year, renewable up to two (2) additional one –year terms, serving at the pleasure of the City of Edgerton with a 30-day cancellation option by either party.
Consultants should submit three (3) copies of their proposals to the following address, no later than 4:30 PM on Monday, October 14, 2013 to:
City of Edgerton
RFP – Information Technology Services
PO Box 255
404 E. Nelson Street
Edgerton, KS 66021
Additional Information Contact. Questions may be addressed to:
Anna-Marie Keena, Administrative Services Director
(913) 893-6231
[email protected]