David Bohen
The poor Kansas taxpayers. They will have to pay to relocate the weigh stations that are located on Interstate 35, just south of the Gardner exit, to a few miles north.
Why, one would ask: The answer is that the trucks that will be using the intermodal won’t have the annoyance and inconvenience of having their weight and papers checked.
This relocation will be between Main Street and 199th Street, placing it between the two entrances and exits off of I-35 to the intermodal. This new location will allow any truck going to or from the intermodal to avoid the weigh station.
It will also allow any other truck to avoid this weigh station by taking the triangular route by the intermodal.
The Kansas Department of Transportation tells us that it did not do a study about how many trucks will be using Main Street to avoid the weigh station. Why not?
They have set up a simple way to avoid their station, yet have no idea how many trucks this will put on Gardner’s streets.
One would ask again: Why do taxpayers have to foot this bill if the only benefactor is BNSF?
The answer, I’m afraid, is the failure of the media to explain what and why things are happening.
Thus, the taxpayers, without knowing what is going on, have little clout. Without knowledge, you can’t act!
But don’t worry about these coming taxes. Wait until you get the repair bill for the damage the trucks do to our roads.