The Wheatridge Middle School Mustang cross country teams made their marks in a home invitational, Sept. 14 at Celebration Park.
In seventh grade girls competition, Skyler Bartels crossed the finish line bringing home a 10th-place medal. Right behind came Jamie Gaither in 28th, Javier Easley in 42nd, Noah Spencer in 58th, Amber Vega in 59th and Amanda Vega in 61st.
For the seventh grade boys, JJ Brisco won an 11th-place medal. He was followed by Harlan Easley in 42nd, Noah Spencer, 43rd, Cooper Crowell, 69th and Jake Tharp, 79th.
The majority of the medals belonged to the eighth-grade girls team.
Larissa Weidler won gold and set a new school record time of 13:27, the previous record was 14:07.
Equally impressive was Erin Fabing who took third place also under record time.
Bella Hinck finished with a 5th-place medal, Alexus Moreland, 10th, and Tatum Glaser also medaled in 15th place.
Just missing a medal was Emily Clark who took 16th place. She was followed by Miranda Brown, 23rd, May Haengkhem, 24th, Esmerelda Quintana, 33rd, Tori Bickle, 34th, Breena Crawford, 40th, Skyler Fox, 41st, Shellsea Gonzalez-Neale, 43rd, and Mea Nickum, 44th.
For the eighth boys, Tom Fahing finished in 4th place in a school record time of 12:29. Also under record time was Andrew Boline, sixth place.
Rounding out the 8th grade boys scoring were Payton Crain, 33rd, Dante Fox, 34th, Connor Ditlevson, 38th, Owen Haulmark, 40th, Connor Gaines, 46th, Liam Sutton, 52nd, Daniel Suarez, 58th, Cameron Schultz, 62nd, David Adamson, 67th, and Matthew Swords, 72nd.