Each year, Spring Hill district schools organize bully prevention assemblies and other activities to reinforce key messages and strategies for students. Recently, Prairie Creek Elementary School students were educated and entertained during a Bully No More Assembly.
The assembly was presented by Dave Rojahn, who is a sociologist, entertainer and magician. He created the unique presentation based on the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, which the district has utilized for training and educational efforts for six years. Rojahn mixes humor and magic with life stories to help students recognize, cope with and prevent bullying.
In addition to the PCES assembly, anti-bullying events were held in late August at Wolf Creek and Spring Hill Elementary Schools. A bully prevention assembly is planned at Spring Hill Middle School on Sept. 17 as well as other ongoing preventative efforts. Spring Hill High School also kicked off the school year with an all-student assembly that addressed bully prevention and other student safety issues.