Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans.
So it’s understandable that board members Shelta Collins and Tim Rayburn need to bow out of the positions on the USD 231 board of education. It would be nice if the duo gave the voters more of an explanation than what they’ve been given.
Is the job market locally just terrible? Or did the perfect opportunity just drop into their laps making it a necessity to leave town, resign from the board and start anew?
We don’t need specific, exact details, but a word or two about their reasons for letting down voters are in order.
Less than six months ago in a highly contested race, voters put their trust in Collins. She recently made promises to constituents that she can no longer keep. Rayburn has, of course, served two years of this term.
Voters will have limited say as to who replaces each of the board members. That say will go to the remaining board members, who will replace the duo.
While we wish them well on their journeys, we feel like voters deserve more than a sparsely-worded memo from the school district.
Hopefully, both will be on hand to publicly address their departures at the board meeting next week. It’s the least they can do before taking their leaves.