Cramer Products last week announced it had been acquired by new company. Cramer, a more than 90-year-old company headquartered in Gardner, will merge with Performance Health, the manufacturer of brands such as Thera-Band and Biofreeze. Performance Health is based in Akron, Ohio.
“Bringing our two companies together makes sense on multiple levels, and it should favorably impact all of the professions and customers we serve,” Thomas K. Rogge, president and chief executive officer of Cramer Products, said.
The merger will result in little initial change. The products historically purchased from Cramer will continue to be purchased from Cramer and vice versa.
The Cramer brand began with a topical analgesic created by Frank and Chuck Cramer in 1918. In 1950, the Cramer brothers funded and helped organize the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, the leading U.S. professional organization supporting and promoting athletic training professionals.