Katy Hoffman
My husband and I enjoy the Johnson County Fair, renewing acquaintances, eating the fair food, visiting the exhibits and attending events at the arena.
It becomes difficult sometimes to participate.  On Thursday evening, we were headed to the arena to the races. However, all that walking takes a toll!
It is especially difficult when someone is handicapped.  We found a parking spot north of the circle drive of the elementary school. It was the closest spot even with the handicap hang tag.
It was difficult at best to walk to the arena.  We almost didn’t make it, and there were no spots to stop to rest.  Until one has a need, we don’t realize there is one.
On the return trip to head for the car, we saw the Johnson County Fire
District No. 1 exhibit and emergency station.  We asked, and they so
graciously provided a ride to our car. It was a wonderful extra community service to us. Kudos to Fire District No. 1 staff.
Because of our distance walking disability, we couldn’t take advantage of the fairway amenities!  Therefore we would suggest a tram be made available from the parking lots to assigned drop sites at the fair for those in need.  This would provide more opportunities for additional visitors and perhaps additional income for the fair.  We would have paid a small amount for a ride – or if it were a non-profit, perhaps a contribution to the
organization or something for the tip jar.
So, first, thanks again to the Johnson County Fire District No. 1. Second, to the Johnson County Fair Board, please consider providing trams.
Those of us in this population and seniors would really appreciate the ride.