Gardner PD give chase into Casey’s

Danedri Thompson
[email protected]
Gardner police chased a suspect into Casey’s General Store on east Main Street this morning. Officers are still on the scene.
According to eye witnesses at the convenience store, a man came sprinting into Casey’s and locked himself in the store’s restroom. Police followed shortly afterwards. When police banged on the door, the man said he was using the facilities.

Spring Hill Police seek armed robber

Spring Hill Police officers are searching for an armed robber after a break-in in the 800 block of A-line Road this morning at 6:39 a.m. No one was injured in the robbery, but police were unable to apprehend a suspect.

Officers from Johnson and Miami Counties as well as the Kansas Highway Patrol and a K9 Unit continue to search for the suspect. A victim was able to give a description and direction of travel.

Spring Hill Police believe the incident was an isolated one, but are encouraging residents to be observant of their surroundings.
Should anyone observe suspicious activities or individuals, the Spring Hill Police Department encourages them to call 911 immediately.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office seeking armed robbers

Two males forced their way into a Hillsdale-area residence and tied up a 62-year old female July 30. The suspects branded a knife and demanded money.

The resident was unharmed, and after the robbers left, she called 9-1-1. She described the attackers Hispanic males.

As officers were dispatched to the scene, a Louisburg police officer observed a vehicle running a stoplight. The car sped away from the officer, who attempted to make a traffic stop. When the vehicle finally stopped, three Hispanic males fled from the car. One was taken into custody, but the other two, who match the description of the robbery, escaped near U.S. 69 Highway and 271st Street.

Police later responded to U.S. 69 Highway and 247th Street, where someone matching one of the robber’s descriptions was possibly spotted, but they were unable to locate a suspect.

Officers from Kansas Highway Patrol and Johnson County agencies assisted in the continuing manhunt.