Tucker Davis
Club reporter
The monthly meeting of Prairie Star 4-H was held at the Cornerstone Park on June 10, 2013 after a club potluck dinner. The meeting was called to order by President Dewey Molenda. Pledges were led by Kinsey McCormick and Nikki Nellor. Roll call was a sign up sheet provided. There were 18 members present. We had one guest, Katie Long.
Michelle Deters and Dewey Molenda’s thank you cards were read. The treasurer’s report was read by Dewey Molenda and the club has a balance of $718.04. Tucker Davis gave the reporters report. The historian’s report was given by Jesse Molenda who needs pictures of the 4-H members doing 4-H activities. Jeanette Davis gave the community leaders report. Fair books are now online, anyone at least 13 yrs old and a 4-h member for 3 yrs may apply for Miss or Mr 4-H. The committee report was given by Leisa Burk who would like volunteers for the float and cutout. Melissa Russell would also like help with the club banner.
At the end of our meeting we had a judging school, everyone participated.
Jesse Molenda made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Tucker Davis seconded the motion. The next meeting will be held at the Johnson County Fairgrounds on July 8th at 7pm.