Danedri Thompson
Everyday, I feel more and more like a stranger in a strange land. And it’s about to get worse. I hate to quote the completely idiotic Michael Moore, but occasionally, it’s necessary: Dude, where’s my country?
We’re being overrun by illegal aliens, and yes, I use the term “illegal.” When you break a law, no matter how silly you think the law, you are committing an illegal act. Coming across the border without going through customs, without the government stamp of approval on a passport or visa, is illegal. Period.
Just how overrun we are by illegal trespassers is anyone’s guess. And now, the U.S. Supreme Court is giving the illegals a free pass to our polls. This makes zero sense, but people are actually celebrating and acting as if asking for proof of citizenship or a drivers license at the polls is the present-day equivalent of the poll tax.
It isn’t. I won’t recount every argument, of which there are many, in favor of requiring that “papers” be shown at the polls. I’ll simply say I can’t check out a library book, drive a car, write a check, board an airplane, or register my dog with the city without showing identification.
Liberals argue that voting is constitutionally protected act, and that requiring identification somehow tarnishes that. These are the same people who think owning a gun, another constitutionally protected act, should require  a physical examination and an exorcism.
Meanwhile, the point is set to be moot as the U.S. Senate is set to vote on massive immigration reform that would grant amnesty, and eventually citizenship, to an estimated 11 million illegals. They’ll legally bring their extended families across the border bringing an estimated total of 30 to 33 million new immigrants to our shores in the next 10 years.
These new immigrants will likely be low or no skilled, and someone is going to have to pay for them.
Of course, labor unions and minority populations are lobbying for this travesty.
It makes no sense. Bringing 40 million new, low-skilled laborers to our market will drive down wages and drive our most vulnerable citizens out of jobs.  I typically abhor identity politics, but immigration reform that grants amnesty is suicide to young, black American males. That’s not hyperbole. It’s simple math coupled with basic demographic realities.
For those of us who aren’t crowded out of the labor market, you’re going to get a smaller paycheck and the privilege of assisting ever-greater numbers of people through burgeoning government programs.
I actually understand why big business loves the immigration reform. They’re bottom line will get a whole lot fatter. Everyone else supporting the Senate plan has obviously lost the use of their faculties. And some are pressing the boundaries of the law even further.
Last weekend, a protest mob raided Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s home in Piper, Kan. They met first at the church of Wyandotte County Mayor Tom Holland, which may be why local police didn’t arrest anyone. Apparently, trespassing locally is as politically expedient as trespassing on a national scale. Anyone can now go anywhere uninvited, and that includes your doorstep.
Do we need immigration reform? Absolutely. Should it start by giving everyone here amnesty? Absolutely not.
There are a million things we need to do first, like getting our financial house in order. Our government assistance programs are in desperate danger of crashing without adding another 40 million, likely unskilled people.
We need to seal the doors and determine who is already here first. But that’s not in the cards, because what used to be common sense has been replaced by nonsense.