A newly created political group has organized in Gardner to offer voters a
moderate alternative to the extreme and divisive politics currently on
display in Johnson County and the state of Kansas.
The Gardner-Edgerton Democrats are wanting to attract democrats and moderate
republicans, in addition to independent and unaffiliated voters.
“We want to keep our political tent as large as possible to help represent
what most people want in our cities, not just what the loudest few want,”
said Brett Limer, president of Gardner-Edgerton Democrats.
“We don’t want to force citizens to agree with everything that we stand for
in order to be involved. We want to help share more information with the
people that we live near, so they can make the best choice of who represents
them when it comes time to vote”.
Please visit LINK for more information about the
Gardner-Edgerton Democrats or visit LINK.