Danedri Thompson
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The Kansas Department of Transportation will auction land along 175th Street later this summer or early in the fall. The 15.7-acre parcel is east of the McDonald’s.
Kurt Daniels, KDOT Right-of-Way Inventory and Disposal section leader, said the date for the land auction has yet to be set.
Daniels said state statute requires that the sale be conducted via public auction, but KDOT attorneys are still researching whether an online auction would suffice. Typically when KDOT sells land holdings, it hosts an in-person, live auction.
“They’ll stand there on the tract and call for the minimum,” Daniels said.
By law, the department can not sell its property for anything less than two-thirds of its appraised value.
Last week, the department held a live, public auction to sell off 15.6 acres in Linn County, near Parker, Kan. The land sold for $19,500.
However, Daniels said the Gardner property is worth more, and the department doesn’t really have a procedure for selling higher-value land.
“We’re still trying to find our way on these high dollar tracts,” Daniels explained.
Meanwhile, a sign posted near the land is notifying potential buyers that the land will be sold.
“Before someone spends $100,000 or more, they have to think about it,” Daniels said. “That’s why the sign is up. We wanted to give the sign time to work and hopefully get some inquiries.”
To date, they have none. However, the department anticipates selling the property either in late August or early September.
Information about the sale and the property is available online at LINK