Rochelle Chronister
The weather is finally starting to cooperate and Kansas farmers are in overdrive, working to make up for lost time this planting season. That’s because our farmers know all too well that “we reap what we sow.” Back in Topeka, Governor Brownback is having a tough time reaping results from the tax plan he sowed for Kansans.
Now the Governor is urging lawmakers to increase the sales tax as he scrambles to fix the $802 million deficit he created. And, he’s touring the state warning Kansans he will make substantial cuts to our local colleges and universities unless the sales tax is increased.
Kansans already pay the ninth highest sales tax rate in the country. In fact, according to Tax Foundation data, our sales tax rate is 36 percent higher than the average sales tax rate of surrounding states, making Kansas the high-tax point on the prairie. And, while the Governor may see higher sales taxes as the only cover-up for his deficit problem, Kansans are looking for a balanced approach.
If left in place, estimates indicate Governor Brownback’s tax plan will not only cause our sales taxes to increase, but will also cause our property taxes to skyrocket in the coming years. Governor Brownback has said Kansas is a “laboratory” where he wants to experiment with tax policy. But, it’s hardworking Kansans ­ like our farmers and our families ­ that will pay the price for his failed experiments.
Like President Eisenhower once said, “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” It’s time for Governor Brownback and his cronies to shed their Washington ways ­ where rhetoric takes precedent over results – and start reaping the results they promised for Kansas.
Chronister is a Republican from Neodesha, Kansas. She serves as Chair of Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, is former Assistant Majority Leader of the Kansas House of Representatives, and former Chair of the Kansas Republican Party. For more about TRCS, visit LINK.