High school graduates, there is one thing we hope you have learned during your 12 years of school: Take nothing for granted and know that life is never about what you did yesterday, but your worth is measured only by what you do today and tomorrow.
Gardner Edgerton High School conducts its graduation ceremony at 10 a.m. May 18 on the school’s football field, weather permitting. Spring Hill will conduct its graduation ceremony at 4 p.m. the same day in the main gym.
We congratulate the graduate nominees of both school districts who completed the required courses despite the sometimes-unimaginable obstacles and controversies placed upon them. We salute the teachers and the administration staffs for their perseverance in keeping the students on track.
We look at the Class of 2013 and see all the good things these young people have accomplished these past 12 years. We applaud them for their work in school, their drive to compete in extra curricular activities, and their willingness to give back to their communities.
The high school graduates of today are no different than those who graduated five, 10, even 30 years ago. Yes, society and the world have changed. We are confident, the graduates of 2013 will go out into the world, whether attending colleges, trade schools, or going directly into the work force, and they will succeed and do what it takes to make this country and this world a better place for everyone to live.
Once you walk across the stage to receive your diploma, the world will be before you, waiting for you to make your mark on it.
You’ll find that the time to accomplish your goals is considerably short. That’s why it is so important to learn from the past, but not to rest on your laurels. If you do, the world will pass you by and you will have .
Don’t do that.
Take advantage of every opportunity to better yourselves and the world. Class of 2013, we wish you good fortune, opportunity and the ability to capitalize. Congratulations.