Danedri Thompson
[email protected]
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputies are still awaiting forensics results on a skull found in a field south of Gardner in March.
Hunters made the gruesome discovery while searching for antlers in a field near Gardner Road and 215th Street on March 19.
Deputies conducted a detailed search of the property following the find. When the search was completed, a few weeks later, sheriff’s office officials said the evidence would be subject to forensics testing. They would not say what evidence, other than a skull, they had found; whether they believed the skull belonged to a male of female; or where the evidence was sent for forensics testing.
The sheriff’s office does have forensics testing capabilities. Johnson County forensics investigators were recently called upon to examine remains in a quadruple murder case in rural Franklin County, near Ottawa.
Deputy Tom Erickson, a public information officer with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, said typically, forensics results are within a month or so.
“We’re waiting just like everyone else is,” Erickson said. “…Sometimes things just take time. As soon as we know something, we’ll be happy to share it.”