Tucker Davis
Club reporter
The monthly meeting of the Prairie Star 4-H Club was held on April 8 at the Johnson County Fair Grounds. Recreation before the meeting was led by Shay Stamps Lauren Molenda. The meeting was called to order by President Dewey Molenda. Pledges were led by Nikki Nellor and Cole Davis. Roll Call was, “What is your favorite color?” There were 17 members present. There were two guests, Austin Freund and Cheyanna Schaefer.
The minutes from the March meeting were read, corrected, and stand approved as read. Anthony Deters, club treasure reported the club has $1,005.60 as a balance. Tucker Davis reported that he had turned in the minutes to The Gardner News for the last meeting. Jesse Molenda asked for people to turn in pictures of any club events for the Historian’s book.
The Community Leader report included information about Discovery Days, Fantastic Four Camp registration, and Shooting Sports. There was also an announcement concerning the April Foods Meeting, which will be April 15th, at the Baptist Church. Anyone interested in participating in the Community Garden was informed to contact Brian Boutte for more information.
Leisa Burk asked for helpers on the Float and Cutout for the fair.  The Committee Report informed the club of the Genny Butler Graduation Party.
The program for the night was postponed until next meeting.
The meeting was adjourned by a motion from Kara McCormick and seconded by Cole Davis.
Treats followed the meeting thanks to the Russell and Butler families.
The next meeting will be Monday, May 13th, @ 7:00 p.m., at the fairgrounds.