Spring Hill superintendent Bart Goering will retire in 2015. He announced his intentions during a March 11 school board meeting.
During the meeting, board members discussed the district’s long-term planning goals. Future district leadership was a key topic.
“The Spring Hill School District has a proven track record of success over the last 20 years under Dr. Goering’s leadership,” board president Nels Anderson said. “In order to ensure that the district stays strong and continues to build on this past success, the board remains focused on long-term planning, including continuity in leadership roles.”
As part of the long-term plans for district leadership, Goering formalized his plans to officially retire in July 2015. During the next two years, Goering willcontinue to lead the district and work in tandem with board members on long-term planning. The decision also gives board members ample opportunity to address future leadership and plan for a smooth transition.
“I will continue to work closely with the board members and administrators to ensure the district’s future successes,” Goering said. “The district is facing continued growth in enrollment, transitions to academic standards and other issues that require strong leadership and a focus on future planning to continue to excel.”
Goering also announced that he plans to take July 1 through Sept. 1, 2013 off. Wayne Burke, assistant superintendent, will serve as interim superintendent during that time.
As part of the board’s long-term leadership plans, a new Director of Human Resources position was approved at the board meeting. This role will be critical to recruiting and retaining high caliber staff members, as the district continues to rapidly grow.