Chris Benjamin
Guest Columnist
What we need for our community is a strong bond between the citizens and the city government. Whatever the outcome of the election, we as a faithful community need to be communicating our needs and wants to the city’s leadership. It is the responsibility of the city’s leadership to enable an environment that fosters a thriving working relationship between the two. Effective communication will lead to intelligent collaboration, and in turn, will drive the continuity of information necessary to achieve Gardner’s success story.
We can make this community the best in Johnson County! Faith, hard work, and love for each other will lead us where we need to be for the livelihood of all generations. Our children need that continued assurance. They will be looking to us as leaders for that peace of mind. There are many decisive points in our near future that needs bold leadership to handle correctly. The Intermodal, school security, new business attraction are vitally important to us all.  It is time for us to step up, and see true peace and prosperity for our community.
Please pray for our community and city officials as this election season comes to a climax. May God grant us all His wisdom to know the right choices, and His courage and strength to see His will done humbly.  Thank you for the time and opportunity to serve.
Grace and Peace
Editor’s Note: All Gardner mayoral and council candidates were given the opportunity to write a guest column. They are appearing with minimal editing in the order in which they were received.