Randy Gregorcyk
Guest Columnist
My name is Randy Gregorcyk and I am currently a Gardner City Councilman. The Election Day is April 2, 2013 and the winning candidate will represent you in the Gardner City Council.
I have served for one term, as a Councilman through appointment and learned much from our community members and business members during this time, while addressing a whole host of issues and concerns.
I have worked hard to position our city for success by keeping our communities safer. I am continually working to implement policies that encourage business investment that will lead to job creation and retention. My keen focus during the campaign season includes these three specific areas: Public Safety, Citizen & City Visioning and Capital Investment & Jobs.
Public Safety – Continue to support Gardner police initiatives, enabling them to protect and serve our community. Thru safe communalities comes confidence and growth. Engage and continue to support school safety thru intergovernmental efforts centric to kids. Continue to foster a partnership with JoCo Sherriff department, insuring our cities safety.
Citizen & City Visioning – Developing a vision formulated with community and Council support representing a “big picture” direction. With an engaged community & business leaders, coupled with Economic Development strategies & Chamber of Commerce support, Gardner can communicate the cities core strengths and a “we are open for business” message
Jobs & Capital Investment – Commercial growth follows residential growth. As a component of the visioning process, we must insure undeveloped areas are positioned through pro-growth city policies that support needed infrastructure development. Existing communities are maintained and upgraded, allowing them to continue to thrive. Understanding the vision will enable city leaders the wherewithal to chart a pro-growth strategy. As a pro-intermodal leader, I believe we should provide development incentives that will support community and city with local opportunity and provide ancillary infusion to local established businesses.
My wife and I are blessed to live in this great city with our daughter Emsley. We moved to Gardner just over 6 years ago based on safe communities & family-oriented city amenities. I am a Client Relations Manager supporting facility services for several commercial properties in Johnson County. I am an Eagle Scout (’91). I am an avid sportsman that supports the 2nd amendment. Our family attends church locally and strives to raise our daughter with strong Christian values. As a proven business leader and Eagle Scout, I believe, as a sitting Councilman serving the community,  I can support pro-growth, second tier residential development through common sense policy governance.
I am asking for your support and vote. Together we can make a difference and position our city for pro-growth sensible opportunities.
Editor’s Note: All Gardner mayoral and council candidates were given the opportunity to write a guest column. They are appearing with minimal editing in the order in which they were received.