Tucker Davis
Club reporter
The monthly meeting of Prairie Star 4-H was held on March 11, 2013 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. The meeting was called to order by President Dewey Molenda. Pledges were led by Haylee Burk and Alli Butler. Roll call was a sign-up sheet provided. There were 18 members present. We had 2 guests, Piper and Baillis.
We received a wonderful donation from the Corwin Family presented by Tucker Davis. Michelle Deters gave the Treasurer’s report and the club has a total of $875.60. Tucker gave the Reporter’s report and the minutes from the last monthly meeting have been turned into the newspaper. Jesse Molenda gave the Historian’s report and he needs pictures of kids doing 4-h activities. Bert Molenda gave the Council report encouraging kids 16 and up to work at the voting polls. Jeanette Davis gave the Community Leader’s report and told about the numerous camps coming up this summer. Leisa Burk gave the Committee’s report and told about making the float for the parade and Barb McCormick is asking for volunteers to help at the  Hailey Apperson Memorial run. Haylee Burk and Lauren Molenda both gave project talks.
Tucker Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Cole Davis seconded the motion. The next monthly meeting of Prairie Star 4-h will be held on April 8 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.