Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
Katharine “Katie” Reece Curry is currently in Gardner conducting interviews for an upcoming book, “We Remember Reece Hospital”. Curry is the eldest daughter of Ella and Dr. A.S. Reece. Reece Hospital was founded in Gardner on October 16, 1934, and was the first hospital in Johnson County, Kan.
Curry will be in town conducting interviews for the book through April 2 of this year. She would like to talk to as many people as possible who have any recollections of Reece Hospital, which later moved to the west side of Gardner, and became known as “Gardner Community Medical Center”.  Any former employees of the hospital, patients, and local residents, are welcome to share their stories with Curry. “Some people might not think their story is relevant or important, but all the stories help create a ‘masterpiece’ of art, and help tell a bigger story.”
Curry, of Colorado Springs, Colo. has also compiled and edited stories written by her father, Dr. A.S. Reece, for his autobiography, entitled, “The Man in the Fedora”. Curry has hopes of this book being released to the public by the fall of 2013.
If anyone would like to schedule an appointment to be interviewed by Curry, she can be contacted at (719)339-9477. She is conducting most interviews at the Gardner Historical Museum, located at 204 W. Main Street, but is more than willing to meet with people who would like to be interviewed at their home or at another location.
In conjunction with Curry’s visit, the Gardner Historical Museum is currently presenting the “Reece Family Exhibit, through April, 2013. The exhibit was prepared by Tressa Stone, of Spring Hill, with assistance from other museum staff members.
Stone, who also serves as the museum’s Director of Research, is very excited about the exhibit. Curry commented, “the exhibit is very interesting and stirs a lot of memories”.
Stone remarked, “the entire Reece family is represented in this exhibit.” There are family pictures, medical items from both Dr. A.S. Reece, and his son, Dr. A.Thomen Reece, a picture painted by Mrs. Ella Reece, and many other items related to the family. Stone is most proud of a large wooden clock from Dr. A.S. Reece’s office. She also is interested in any other items relating to the Reece family that members of the public may have, and she can be contacted at the museum at (913)856-4447.
Also, on Friday, March 29, Curry, Marilyn Wolf Curry, and Dr. A.Thomen Reece, will be at the Gardner Historical Museum, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., for a “Meet and Greet” with the public. Another family member, Robert Reece, is unable to attend.
For more information on this event, please call the museum at (913)856-4447. The museum also has available for purchase, souvenir items related to the Reece family, such as a dvd of of Gardner in 1948, books written by both Dr. A.S. Reece, and Dr. A.T. Reece, and other interesting items.
The general operating hours of the museum are Friday from 4 p.m. to 7p.m., and Saturday thruoughTuesday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.