Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
A concern by a resident about a city ordinance and discussion about recent snow storms and their effect on the city were highlights of the Edgerton City Council meeting, held on March 6.
Edgerton resident Mike Loftus, has recently received two warnings from the city concerning the parking of a gasoline tanker truck on his property at 210 E. Nelson in Edgerton. Loftus utilizes this tanker truck as part of his occupation. H
“If you prohibit me from parking my truck there, you are taking away my livelihood, and it never has any gasoline in it when I park it at my residence,” he told the council.
Mayor Donald Roberts said, “We all know that a tanker is never really empty.”
The city’s warnings to  Loftus, who has spent money on fencing and lighting for the area where the tanker is parked, arose from a city ordinance which prohibits hazardous or flammable materials from becoming a safety threat to the public.
Following a brief discussion on the matter, the mayor and the council advised Loftus that the ordinance is in place to ensure public safety, and suggested he take up the matter in more detail with city administrators and the city’s legal representatives.
In other matters, the council discussed the recent snow plowing efforts of the Edgerton City Maintenance crews. The mayor and several council members all agreed that the staff did an excellent job during the two recent snowstorms, and should be applauded for their efforts.
There was also discussion about due to the fact of the abnormal severity of both recent snowstorms, that the city should not strictly enforce the ordinance requiring residents to remove snow from the sidewalks surrounding their property. Mayor Roberts commented, “the city of Kansas City, Mo. strictly enforced the sidewalk snow removal ordinance after the big snowstorms, which caused all kinds of complaints from its’ citizens”. He added, “We can’t expect our elderly residents to go out and shovel two feet of snow”.
In another matter, the council discussed the partnership between the city of Edgerton, the Johnson County Library, and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office concerning the library providing space for the Sheriff’s Office in Edgerton. The current building housing the Sheriff’s office, directly east of the library, is reportedly becoming structurally unsafe.
The mayor and council concluded that this move would benefit both the library and the Sheriff’s Office, as well as the city. Edgerton City Administrator Beth Linn reported to the council that Johnson County Library administrators and Edgerton Library staff members are also in favor of the idea to place the Sheriff’s Office inside the library. More discussion is to follow.
The next Edgerton City Council meeting will be Thursday, March 14, at 7pm at City Hall.