Mica Marriott-Ward
Guest Columnist
Recently, a KMBZ/KMBC undercover reporter went into a gun show and purchased a firearm from a private seller, and the local media is showing how “easy” it is for a “criminal” to purchase a firearm.
Here’s the deal people: It’s “easy” for a criminal to go down to the hardware store and purchase bomb-making materials. It’s “easy” for a criminal to look up on the internet information and recipes to make a bomb. It’s “easy” for a criminal to purchase a cup of coffee and drug it to poison a victim.
It’s “easy” for a criminal to purchase drugs. It’s not the tools used to commit the crime that makes someone a criminal. It’s the person’s brain and will power who decided to commit the crime, which makes them a criminal.
Just because there are criminals, I shouldn’t lose my constitutional rights.
Here’s another thing to consider: The reason our government  is making such a big deal about gun registration, isn’t because “it’s easy for criminals,” it’s because they want their “share.” They want to know who has what so they can tax it….and tax you! The reality is not the deaths of innocent school children and criminals, upon which their weak platform is based, it’s the fact that they want more money! For example, when you first purchase an automobile, you are charged sales tax. Years later, when you as an individual, sell your automobile, the new owner has to register and pay property tax on the automobile and tag it. This is exactly what they want to do with guns! We so called “gun nuts” are defending our Second Amendment right, because it’s none of their business how many, what kind, and what caliber our guns are. What the government and the Obama Administration intend to do is control us in every way they can.
It’s our right and none of their business! Our forefathers made and wrote the Second Amendment so we can protect ourselves and our families against a tyrannical government like they escaped from.
This world is not run by “good” people. Evil, sadistic people run this world, and, because of that, we must arm ourselves.
Also, if you ever go to gun shows, you’ll see that gun show participants are really a bunch of older men who have weapons collections, like what gun was used in what war. It’s similar to anyone with a stamp collection, or a knife collection, or a Depression-era glass collection.
We so-called “gun nuts” are exercising our legal right to own a gun and as the Second Amendment states, “to bear arms.” Just because we are exercising our Second Amendment Constitutional Right, and you’re not, doesn’t mean it should be taken away. For example, what if you have a stand up shower, and also a bath tub, but you never use your bath tub, it just sits there and collects dust. When the government says, “We’re banning bathtubs,” and you think, “Well, that doesn’t matter to me, I never even used my bathtub anyways.” You failed to think about all the people that are using there bathtub and making use of it.
Our Constitutional rights are sacred. We “gun guts” really consider ourselves patriots It’s like having a pizza and a little kid comes along and starts stealing the pepperoni pieces off of it, and you think “well, one piece of pepperoni won’t bother me,” and you never discipline the child, so the kid comes and takes another piece, and then some cheese, and then some sausage, before you know it, you won’t have barely any pizza left. Thus, your freedoms are gone! Free Speech, out the window. No need to have a search warrant before they seize and examine your personal property. Trial by no jury. Slavery abolished? Nope! Women’s right to vote taken away. And it’ll go on and on. If you think my mentality is extreme, please realize the Boston Tea Party was considered “extreme,” the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery was considered extreme, and the treason our forefathers committed when writing and signing the Declaration of Independence was considered extreme too.